Giving Traffic Simulations a New Perspective

How to predict traffic safety?

Collisions are rare events
(~ 1 in 100 000 crossings)

How to predict traffic safety?

Collisions are rare events
(~ 1 in 100 000 crossings)

Human models for lifelike traffic behavior.

Stochastic bike, e-scooter, pedestrian, and car models with scientifically designed human behavior, failures, and irregularities.

This is how we understand traffic!

Simulating traffic with all its unexpected flaws

Our Paradigma for simulating Use Cases

Simulate unlimited

When analyzing a use case regarding traffic safety and efficiency, we don’t just select pre-defined scenarios.
Instead, we sample millions of times to obtain statistically significant results.

Modelling Traffic

Our expertise lies in simplifying complex traffic processes, utilizing stochastic distributions to model crucial aspects such as emergency reactions or cognitive behavior while accounting for factors like age, gender, and skill.

Gathering Evidence

In cases where scientific evidence is lacking, we conduct our own experiments to establish representative probability distributions, ensuring that our solutions are always backed by solid data.


Our powerful simulation technology generates millions of scenarios in user-friendly formats like OpenSCENARIO, allowing customers to access a vast array of critical situations that go beyond existing accident databases, resulting more test scenarios for safer and smarter transportation solutions.

Model Coupling

Our advanced human error and behavior models can be seamlessly integrated with your existing traffic simulations, providing you with unparalleled insights into how people interact with your traffic solution.

What if analysis

Leveraging virtual experiments inspired by randomized controlled trials from medical research, we offer scientifically grounded hypothesis testing to determine if a system or driving function is superior to the status quo, ensuring your solutions are always backed by rigorous evidence.

Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future!

Will your driving function pass our lifelike human traffic models?

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