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All our products can be be easily coupled with common simulation tools.

We are scientists and all our models are validated to the highest standards. 

The Core: Human Road User Models

Our advanced human behavior AI models make your traffic simulations highly realistic.

Pedestrians, Bicycles, E-Scooters, Cars (Human & Automated)

Features include:
Perception, Decision, Reaction Time, Threat Response, Driving Under Influence,  Congestion Effects, Traffic Light Interaction, Misjudgement and much more!

A special feature of our models is the representativeness and stochastic nature of our models. This enables you to analyzing false positives, virtual randomized controlled trial and more!

We look forward to telling you more!

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Efficient Scenario Generation

Within minutes, our powerful simulation technology generates millions of scenarios including safety-critical events.

Using our stochastic models, we generate millions of scenarios by means of so-called Monte-Carlo simulation.

These representative scenarios are mostly conventional traffic (like in real traffic), but after enough simulation, safety critical events including accidents do happen.

Our traffic models are designed for efficiency, which is why we can generate hundreds of millions of scenarios (depending on complexity) within a few hours.

We are happy to make these realistic synthetic scenarios of our stochastic traffic simulation available to you, for example in OpenScenario format.

As our scenarios are representative of real traffic, they can also be used for AI training of driving functions, for example.


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What-if Analysis

We evaluate your traffic technology virtually to the highest regulatory standard, inspired by the medical world.

We provide support as early as the creation of system requirements and also during development. Our virtual randomized study design gives you an insight into how your system will perform in traffic even before you have implemented it. 

We are sure that we will impress you

Contact us and we will show you successfully completed projects and help you to optimize your system in terms of traffic safety, efficiency and emissions.

E-Scooter Vehicles

Our human road user models are evidence-based on scientific data. We have collected key data ourselves through studies.
As part of a doctoral thesis in which the e-scooter model was designed, we developed an E-Scooter Test Vehicle and an E-Scooter Simulatorwhich we turned into products with thireks.

E-Scooter Test Vehicle​

The e-scooter test vehicle can record parameters such as steering angle, speed, roll angle, GPS and much more with high precision and high samplerate.

Data recording can be started and stopped easily. The data can be processed very effectively in CSV file format. 

The e-scooter is ideal for studies, thesis work and much more.

We look forward to telling you more.

E-Scooter VR Simulator

The e-scooter VR simulator can be used as a showcase or for studies in which data is to be collected that cannot be collected with a real vehicle for ethical reasons.

The simulator can be easily connected to the computer via USB and then coupled with environments such as Unreal Engine, Carla or Unity.

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