Rocketeer Festival 2023 in Augsburg

We’re excited to share our experiences from the spectacular Rocketeer Festival in Augsburg that we attended this past month. It was an amazing platform to showcase our vision, build connections, and learn from leading innovators in the industry.

All About the Rocketeer Festival

Firstly, let’s delve into what the Rocketeer Festival really is. As many of you may know, the Rocketeer Festival is a start-up event that brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts. This year, the theme was „Exploring the Future of Innovation“, a perfect fit for our team at Thireks.

This festival isn’t just your typical trade show; it’s an experience. From the historic charm of Augsburg meeting cutting-edge innovation, to the engaging speaker sessions, high-energy pitch competitions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities – it was a fusion of ideas, ambitions, and trends shaping the future of technology and entrepreneurship.

Thireks Takes the Stage

Thireks was not just an attendee but a proud participant at the Rocketeer Festival. We had the opportunity to pitch our product in front of fellow innovators. 

Despite the nervous energy, we found the experience extremely rewarding. The pitch was well received, generating intrigue and positive feedback that we’ll cherish and utilize as we continue to grow.

Building Bridges and Growing Our Network

But, the Rocketeer Festival was not all about pitching. It was a platform to connect, engage, and network. The festival served as fertile ground for establishing partnerships and relationships that will drive Thireks forward.

We met passionate individuals and teams, some working in our field, others in complementary sectors, and even more who were simply fascinated by our work. This kind of diversity created a rich networking environment, enabling us to establish connections with a broad range of stakeholders.

Stay tuned for more updates, and remember, the sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning!

With much appreciation,

The Thireks Team


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