Presentation about E-Scooter Traffic at the IATBR in Santiago, Chile

Pascal Brunner, recently attended the #IATBR travel behavior research conference in Santiago, Chile, where he presented two of our ongoing research projects.

In his first presentation, „On the perception of traffic stress – A controlled experiment with pedestrians and bicyclists,“ Brunner presented work from #TUM-VT with Johanna Vogt, Simone Weikl, Lisa Kessler, Andreas Keler, and Klaus Bogenberger to investigate the perception of traffic stress. This study uses a controlled experiment to examine how pedestrians and bicyclists experience traffic stress. For more information, click here:

Our second presentation, „Safety impacts of rising urban micromobility: Statistical analysis of e-scooter use and risky rider behavior in Ingolstadt, Germany,“ delves into the current research with VIKRAM SINGH, Florian Denk, Martin Margreiter, Werner Huber, and Klaus Bogenberger. This study investigates the safety implications of the increasing popularity of e-scooters in urban areas. Through a statistical analysis of e-scooter use and risky rider behavior in Ingolstadt, Germany, the team aims to identify strategies for improving safety for both e-scooter riders and other road users. Check out more information here:

We’re excited and look forward to more developments in the future!


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